St. Boniface Diocesan High School


Like all schools in Manitoba, St. Boniface Diocesan High School uses the Manitoba Curriculum and documents to teach your child. However, what makes us unique is that the curriculum taught in our school is also infused with Catholic values.

Our teachers are called to engage in a life-long faith journey rooted in a Christ-like persona. They nurture spirituality through a Gospel-centred approach to learning in all subjects. Our teachers provide instruction that honours each student’s special gifts, different learning styles, and faith journeys. We respect diversity and teach students in ways that recognize their individual potential gifted by God.

The Department of Education has listed all of the curriculum documents on their website. By visiting their site and viewing the documents, you will get a good sense of the academics your child will be learning in any given grade or subject area, while at our school.

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Our English program offers courses such as ELA, Debate & Public speaking, and English Literature. For more information contact Ms. Vanessa Olson at


Religion courses are offered at SBDHS from grades 9 through 12 and provide our students with four additional credits upon graduation. Topics covered include general knowledge of the Catholic Church, the sacraments, other world religions, and much more! For more information, contact Mr. David Lisowski at


Compulsory and optional math options include Math, Essentials Mathematics, Intro to Applied Math and Precalculus, Applied Math, Precalculus & Calculus 42U. For more information contact Ms. Allyson Kula at

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Science courses offered at SBDHS include General Science, Chemistry, Biology, and Physics. 


Our technology program offers your child courses such as ICT, Computer Science, Applying Info and Communication Technology, Print Communications, and Data Collection & Analysis. 

Physical Education

Physical activity should be an important part of everyone's daily life, and at SBDHS we provide numerous opportunities! Whether it is our daily Physical Education classes or competing against schools from all over the province in a variety of sports, all of our students will have a great time getting active! For more information contact Mr. Brad Scott at




Our extensive Art program offers your child courses like Drama, Art, and Photography.