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SBDHS Athlete's Code of Conduct

Being a SBDHS Athlete is a student choice and thereby a privilege, one that along with being a great honor, carries with it  great responsibilities.



SBDHS Athlete's Pledge As an athlete in my school, I promise

1. To be a worthy representative of my teammates and coaches, abiding by school and community expectations and reflecting my team’s values of commitments and hard work.
2. To maintain my health and fitness levels by following the training rules as prescribed by the Athletic Department.
3. To reflect the knowledge that a commitment to victory is nothing without the commitment to hard work in practice.
4. To attend every practice unless excused by my coach. You must tell your coach or Mr. Scott if you are unable to be there. Missing practices will result in less playing time.
5. To understand that my future as a responsible adult relates more to my academic than my athletic activities.
6. To find the time to satisfy my family relationships and responsibilities.
7. To accept the responsibilities of team membership: cooperation, support of my teammates, shared responsibilities, positive interaction, and mutual respect.
8. To reflect my Christian beliefs that true strength involves gentleness and that even the toughest athlete is sensitive to others.






Way to go Centurions! This past week we were at the University of Manitoba for the Provincial Championships! It was our most successful showing at the Track and Field Championships! Elijah is the Provincial Champion in long jump with a jump of 5.67m! Zoe Provincial Champion in the 400m with a time of 58.16! Emily wins 3rd place in Discus with a throw of 28.08! Essey finished top 10 in the 200, 400, and 800, which included a 4th place and a PB in the 400! Congratulations to all our hard working successful Centurion Athletes! You all did a great job representing our school.


Congratulations to our Dragonboat teams! SBDHS Dragonboat teams were in action this year with our Mixed team, The Shark Boys and Water Girls, and the all female powerhouse Scotty’s Submarine Sandwiches! Both teams qualified for the A final against the top 4 teams in the province! With M & M (Ms. Meiklejohn) screaming encouragement the girls took the lead and looked like they would take the title! However a late surge by Leo Remillard meant our girls finished second by 37/100th of a second! Our mixed team were led by The Marathon Man (Mr. Richardson) and with all of the grade 12’s knowing it was their last race of their career, they surged to a 2nd place finish behind Dakota! It was an amazing result for both teams up against schools with over 1000 students to choose from!


Congratulations to our 2022 SBDHS Badminton Team for all their hard work this season. After a long two years we were able to attend the Zone12 Championships and our team excelled.


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