St. Boniface Diocesan High School



Art 15S (0.5 credit) 

This course will introduce students to the study of the                                                       
Elements and Principles of Design and their use i
creative expression. This course will focus on the
development and utilization of drawing techniques using
a variety of media. Course content will focus on the
organization of the elements and principles of design
within a work of art:
Elements of Design: line, shape, texture, value,
color and form.
Principles of Design: unity, harmony, contrast,
balance, repetition, emphasis, variety and

 Art 25S (0.5 credit) 

Art 25S will familiarize students with the Elements and
Principles of Design. Students enrolled in this course will
continue to develop their drawing skills, learn
techniques for the construction of three-dimensional
art, and learn how to formally critique works of art.

Art 35S (0.5 credit) 

Art 35S is an extension to the study of the Elements and
Principles of Design and their use in the visual arts.
Students will create both two and three-dimensional
works of art through a combination of directed and
independent study. Students will also critique works of
art, with some exploration of art history through
biographical studies of influential artists

Art 40S (1.0 credit) 

Students will use the Elements and Principles of Design
in their continued exploration of the visual arts.
Students will use the information they have learned
throughout their art career to develop and execute
project ideas for both directed and independent
projects. Students will engage in art critiques, and will
explore art history through the study of various art
movements. Students may use this course to begin the
development of a personal portfolio for entrance to a
visual arts program at a post-secondary institution.

See What We Offer 

Students from Grades 9 - 12 learn how to draw, paint, and create using many techniques and styles of art. Projects are highlighted in the Creative Arts Showcase events during the year and are displayed in the school throughout the year. 

Held yearly this event showcases the talents and skill developments of the choir, guitar, and drama classes in a fun-filled evening for all to enjoy.