St. Boniface Diocesan High School

Campus Ministry


There is neither Jew nor Gentile, neither slave nor free, nor is there ale and female for all are one in Christ Jesus" Galatians 3:28
Everyday we notice a lot of differences between each other. We notice differences in who we are as people, our view points, our cultures and beliefs about certain things  among so many other differences. St. Paul today reminds us that in Christ Jesus, we are all one. It is not that these differences here and now aren't important or don't matter- for it is our differences that make us unique and part of who we are- but it's the fact that there is so much more to life and who we are than differences because at the end of the day, we are more alike than we are different. In Christ, there is no differences, we are all made equally in the image and likeness of God as human beings. So each and every person deserves fundamental respect, love and forgiveness, despite all of our differences. 
Let us reflect today if we let the differences with other people form our thinking and actions toward them. How can we come to see every single person, even though they are different from us, as worthy of our respect, care and love? 
Let us pray: 
Loving Father, 
We offer you today ourselves and our lives. We some times find it difficult lord to love those around us. Remind me constantly that you have made each and every single person on this planet in your image and likeness. Help to me to realize the dignity that each person has and to continually will the good for them, even those who I do not agree with, or who are different than me. 



Three times each semester, SBDHS students celebrate mass together. Mass ministries are student-led, giving them the opportunity to be actively involved in the liturgy. The entire school community gathers to mark the changes in liturgical season and to join in worship together.


The Sacrament of Reconciliation is offered to our students twice a year during the seasons of Advent and Lent. Over the years we have invited a variety of priests from the Archdiocese of St. Boniface, the Archdiocese of Winnipeg and the Archeparchy of Winnipeg to be present in our school to offer this sacrament, or to simply engage in spiritual conversation with students. Also during these seasons, students gather in their Teacher Advisory daily to pray together special Advent and Lenten prayers.



​Each year, SBDHS encourages their students to join the Campus Ministry Team. This team will spend the year growing together in community and bringing witness to our Catholic Faith within the school and our local and global community. This team takes part in weekly formation and planning meetings in order to engage in peer to peer ministry and organizes events that give the student body an opportunity to encounter Christ. They look forward to being in service to others, whether it’s putting up Christmas trees at our neighbouring parish, unloading the Winnipeg Harvest truck or cooking a hot meal at The Welcome Home. They also look forward to our annual overnight retreat! Not only is it a time to recharge spiritually, but to have fun and grow in our relationships with each other.  In addition to ministry, these students also commit to a year of personal spiritual growth. 




All students participate in grade level retreats early in the school year. This is an opportunity to pull back from their daily school routine. Through various themes, guest speakers and activities, students are given the chance to encounter Christ while setting the stage for their spiritual growth for the coming year. They are given the opportunity to see the witness of other young people who are living out their faith, to spend time in prayer, and to build friendships with their fellow classmates.


At the conclusion of the year, our graduating class participates in a retreat facilitated by alumni as both a wrap up to their time at SBDHS and a spiritual send off as they embark upon a new season of their lives.



Campus ministry hosts a weekly after school faith study for students who want to go deeper in understanding their faith and developing a relationship with Christ. The new ALPHA YOUTH FILM SERIES is divided into 13 sessions that unpack the basics of the Christian faith. Each one hour event is filled with food, film, discussion and fellowship! Alpha is offered during alternating years.



Facilitated by Campus Ministry students, THINKfast is a day of fasting and an evening of thought-provoking and fun activities. Students commit to a 25 hour fast and participate in activities and presentations that bring attention to poverty, global issues, injustice, and marginalized people. It also teaches us how to care for our beautiful planet and stand with our neighbours in the Global South.


 "I will walk by faith even when I cannot see". 

-2 Corinthians 5:7


Mr. Michael Resendes

SBDHS Campus Ministry Coordinator




His Grace Albert LeGatt 

Archbishop of St. Boniface