St. Boniface Diocesan High School

Guidance Counselling


Guidance Counsellor

Mrs. Safiniuk

Having been a literacy consultant, vice-principal, acting principal, as well as teaching across the grades, and over a decade of experience in student services (guidance and learning support), I am pleased to have this opportunity to join the SBDHS community. It is a privilege to serve students with their wellbeing or guide them in their personal growth, provide career counselling, or advise them on post-secondary information or pursuits. I am available to help students with my services or answer any questions students may have.


Students are welcome to seek support for issues that arise that are of concern. We strive to provide a safe and caring environment where student confidentiality and well-being is a priority. At times it is necessary to make referrals to either our Clinical Services or an external agency. Services that are offered include: course changes, career planning, post-secondary preparation information, re-registration information, and social/emotional support. The door is always open and all are welcome.