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SBDHS ALUMNI - Kimberly wills '17

Updated: May 1st, 2022

Graduated from SBDHS in 2017! 

Highlights at St. B

The biggest highlight to me was all of the people I got to know there – both my friends and classmates as well as the staff. My Global Issues class project, the grade 11 Canoe Trip, our grade 12 “Monster Mash” performance for our TA, and the graduation dinner all stand out to me as favourite memories. Some other highlights include playing Monopoly in Accounting class, our projects in Chemistry on redox reactions, playing court ball, frisbee golf, and omnikin during Mr. Scott’s Gym classes, and the St. B spirit days and retreats. I also can’t go without mentioning the fact that I was able to take grade 12 Accounting despite it taking place during my Physics class (thanks so much, Ms. Olson!!)”.

How St. B shaped her

At St. B, I was able to grow my confidence in an encouraging environment. I went from being terrified to speak in grade 9 Oral Communications class, to being able to give presentations confidently in my Chemistry and Global Issues classes in grade 12. Seeing the kindness of the people around me helped me to focus on caring for others, as well as the environment. Learning about the issues people from around the world face and have faced in the past in my History and Global Issues classes helped me to develop an empathetic understanding of those around me. Additionally, I learned in Global Issues and Geology about our impacts on the environment, which has encouraged me to do what I can to reduce my impact. Finally, I was able to grow academically. St. B gave me the knowledge and helped me to develop my study skills so that I could successfully start university after graduation. All my teachers during my time there helped to encourage and inspire me to learn.


Currently, I am attending the University of Manitoba working towards my Bachelor of Science with a major in computer science. I will be a fourth-year student starting this upcoming September. For the summer, I am working part-time for the Government of Manitoba as a web developer. I will be working from home this summer, but will be back in person at the university this fall for the first time since March 2020.



Updated: February 1st, 2022

Graduated from SBDHS in 2019! 

Highlights at St. B

Most of my highlights come from the sports atmosphere that has been built at St.b. Being able to play on a variety of sports teams, spend your lunches at intramurals and to make so many friends during that time, was something I had not experienced before attending St. B. From playing in front of the school during our homecoming games, to representing St. B at the annual track and field or badminton tournaments, it was always a highlight for me to take part in all these events and more. Intramurals were always a blast as well, from floor hockey to spike ball and even tchoukball! It was always a great time and definitely in my St. B highlight reel. Sports played a huge role during my time at St. B as well as many other activities , which really showcased how great the sports programs are.

Favorite memory at St. B

A favorite memory of mine would definitely be winning both grade wars and TA wars during my senior year. Competing with your classmates from another TA for the yearend pizza party during regular dress up days and intramurals was always very competitive. Being in the many intramural finals was always a very exciting yet competitive time especially in our senior year, and when you finally win that after all your hard work it’s an even greater feeling. But after that was all done, we focused on grade wars where we all came together to win that year’s trophy in a nail-biting final race and we made sure to let the whole school know through our hallway chants and songs that were played from our speakers.

How St. B shaped him 

St. B helped shape me in a variety of ways from turning me into a more sociable and active person but also helped me value my close friendship. The teachers and staff were always willing to talk and that helped me personally find my voice and helped me be more willing to speak up both in and out of class. As mentioned before I greatly value the sports programs at St. B and the people who run it have had an impact on my life for sure. To this day I am active in sports and staying fit and I don’t think I would be here without the push and knowledge given to me by my teachers and coaches. Finally, St. B has helped me maintain many close friendships that to this day I hold dear. The close-knit community that’s created, not only throughout the school but your very own grade, is really one of a kind. I thank St. B for showing me the value of holding these people close as I am still benefiting from that to this day.


I am currently a student at the University of Winnipeg in the Faculty of Education taking the Integrated BEd/BPHE program, finishing up my major in Kinesiology and my minor in Psychology with the hope of being a teacher in the next few years. I also currently work at John Pritchard School as an Educational Intern and at the Seven Oaks Sportsplex at the admin desk.


SBDHS Alumni - Michael Krawchuk ('17)

Updated: Oct 16, 2018

Graduated from SBDHS in 2017!

Attended Immaculate Heart of Mary School for early & middle years.

"St. B is an amazing community of people who genuinely want you the best for you. The faculty and students are extremely kind and caring which brings a healthy environment to grow. I will never stop appreciating St. B for giving me the foundation I need to succeed."

- Michael Krawchuk

My Overall experience with St. B is that the staff are so approachable. There is small school community so you are able to get to know everyone. I have a large group of friends that are attending the University of Manitoba, who I talk to all the time. I was really involved with everything at St. B. and I have great memories from it.  

Co-Curricular Highlights

I was involved with the Recruitment Team in grades 10-12. I played volleyball and track from grades 9-12. I was on the Popcorn Guild for grade 11, which help raise money for different school events. In my grade 11 and 12 years, I was the Premiere for my Teacher Advisory Class. I was fully involved in the intramural sports that our school offered every lunch hour.

Proudest Moment at SBDHS My proudest moment at SBDHS was being a part of the canoe trip. The canoe trip was an amazing bonding experience with my friends and going to Mr. Scott's cabin to help him out was fun too.

Best Advice for a New Student

Fight through the stress and be involved as much as you can. School is fun and rewarding. Be yourself, St. B. is a place you can.


University Destination and Program

  • University of Manitoba, University 1

  • University of Manitoba, Faculty of Arts (Destination)

  • University of Manitoba, Faculty of Education (Destination)


  • St. Boniface Diocesan High School

  • Track and Field Coach

  • Volleyball Coach

Michael is currently coaching the 2018/19 Centurion Varsity Boys volleyball team!

SBDHS Alumni - Jeylyn Sarmiento

Updated: November 7, 2018 

Graduated from SBDHS in 2015 with Honors!

My name is Jeylyn Sarmiento, and I attended St. B from grade 9 -12, graduating in 2015. I have nothing but positive memories from my high school years and have formed many relationships at St. B that I still have to this day. The St. B community and the staff do a great job preparing their students for university while also serving as a strong support system even after graduation. I had so much fun throughout my high school years, while still being provided with a strong academic foundation, which primarily has to do with the teachers I had as well as the opportunities I was able to explore during my time here. I will always cherish and appreciate all the memories I have made at St. B.

Co-curricular highlights

I was very involved in the athletics program. I played volleyball, basketball, badminton, soccer, track & field, and competed in dragon boat throughout high school. I also participated in the 2014 & 2015 MHSAA badminton provincial championships and the 2014 MHSAA soccer provincial championships. Through dragon boat, I also fundraised more than $1,700 for the Canadian Cancer Society. Occasionally, I would also help with JV girls’ basketball practices too. I enjoyed being an active member of the St. B community and being involved as much as I could.

Proudest moment at SBDHS

My proudest moment at St. B was being named MHSAA ‘AAA’ Jostens Athlete of the Year in 2015. I was delighted and honoured to be the first and only student to win this prestigious award in St. B history. I was glad that I was able to be recognized for all my work in sports as well as being able to bring additional recognition to the school and to the St. B athletic department.

 Jeylyn and Mr. Scott as she accepted her

MHSAA 'AAA' Jostens Athlete of the Year award 

Best Advice for a New Student

Try your best to get involved, be open to new experiences, and have as much fun as possible! By getting involved, you meet new people and make many friendships and relationships that you will have for years to come. High school goes by very fast. Try to enjoy every minute of it and have the most fun as you can so you can get the most out of your high school experience.

University Destination and Program

The University of Lethbridge (Lethbridge, AB)

Faculty of Arts & Science/ Faculty of Education:

- Bachelor of Science (Streams: Biological Sciences, Chemistry, Psychology)

- Bachelor of Education (Science Education)

Jeylyn is currently living in Lethbridge, AB and is in the 4th year of her Education degree at the University of Lethbridge.

SBDHS Alumni - CHristine & adam Rossol ('10) & ('11) 

Updated: July 07, 2021 

Graduated from SBDHS in 2010 & 2011!

High School Sweethearts

Their Story 


Adam started at St B in Grade 9 and I made a change from MBCI and started at St B in Grade 10. We met in 2008 shortly after I started at St B and began dating pretty quickly. I was 15 and Adam was 16 at the time. Adam Graduated 2010.  I went on to be the Prime minister at the school for my grade 12 Year and graduated in 2011. After our life at St Boniface we went on to university where Adam graduated with a degree in Criminal Justice from the U of W. He ended up with an opportunity with a company in Winnipeg and took that job. He currently works as a Territory Sales Manager for Michelin Tires. I got a job with the World of Water Head office and worked there for 7 years starting as an Administrative Assistant and moving into a Sales Representative role until I decided to go back to school to complete my Business Administration with Red River College and graduated with my Business Admin Diploma specializing in Human Resources. I'm currently working for a financial advisor called AFIG Financial Services as their Marketing and Event Coordinator. 
Since graduating we have traveled a bit and hope one day to travel more. We enjoy spending free time outdoors and at the lake as much as possible. Adam is also a massive classic car fanatic so he loves working and restoring cars. We frequently take part in the Sunday cruise nights. We got engaged on October 1, 2016 at the lake and planned for a wedding in 2019. That got pushed a year as we ended up purchasing our first home in late 2018 and decided to save some more money for our dream wedding so we moved everything to August 29, 2020. Of course COVID came along and changed our plans but we wanted to get married and decided that no matter what the restrictions we would still get married with our friends and family that were allowed. We actually got married at Holy Cross Church down the street from St B with 50 of our closest family and friends. We decided on Holy Cross Church as we had a connection to it from our time at St Boniface and felt it was the right church for us to be married in. A lot of milestones in our relationship happened around St B so it just made sense. 
St B gave us an amazing education that we cherish and are blessed and grateful that our parents were able to send us to such an awesome school. The smaller school gave us a better sense of community and it was easy to get to know so many people versus going to a school with hundreds.  Each teacher knew who you were and took the time to be there for you in your education and as a friend I found. They truly cared about us. The opportunities that Adam and I have had in life, we owe a large part of that to St Boniface and our families. If we didn't go there, who knows where we would have ended up. We made so many memories at St B including some of our favourites like Ski Trip and Thinkfast. School dances were always so much fun. Adam was heavily involved in sports and I was involved in watching said sports. Being a part of student government was one of the highlights of my time at St Boniface. 
Adam and I are currently looking forward to celebrating our first wedding anniversary in August and live in East St Paul with our dog Chevelle and cat Malibu (Adam named the pets after cars). We are also expecting a little baby in September that we are so excited for! 

SBDHS Alumni - Skye Buehler ('16) 

Updated: July 07, 2021

Graduated from SBDHS in 2016!

I owe a lot of how my life turned out to St. Boniface. The most important, was that I met my soon to be wife there when I was in the 10th grade. We now own a house, two dogs, have a baby and are getting married this summer. 
After High School I did a couple years of Fire and Paramedic training before I lost interest in it, right before the pandemic hit. I currently attend Toronto Film School in their writing for Film & Television program. I have a 4.3 GPA and have found my passion. I have written screenplays that have ranked in the top 10% of contests like the NYC Midnight Short story contest among others so far. I met Andrew Barnsley the executive producer for Schitt's Creek and saw his Golden Globe award. I currently teach a variety of classes online as well as a freelance writer and I self-publish my own books. Saint Boniface was always a home to me. My mom graduated from there, my uncle, my sister and my younger brother. If I'm still in Winnipeg, I plan for my son to attend the school as well. The teachers, when I attended were very kind and supportive of my academic and sports goals. Even though there were no formal film studies classes when I attended, the confidence and encouragement from some of the teachers that became almost my friends, I will take with me forever. PS. They really should think giving Film Studies a modern lift to the curriculum since movies are such a dominant medium in today's world and there is a lot that can be learned from there. I was Senior class Prime Minister, captain of most sports teams, nominated for male athlete of the year four times and won it in my senior year. I was awarded a Student Recognition Award every year that I attended. 
St. Boniface was fun, it was uplifting and most importantly it was educational. 
Skye Buehler


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