About us

St. Boniface Diocesan High School Crest represents the three aspects of our school life:  -  Spiritual  -   Intellectual  -  Physical  -

The BIBLE represents a symbol of truth and knowledge, which we pass on from one generation to the next as a FLAMING TORCH. The CROSS symbolizes Christianity and all that our school stands for. Lastly the WINGED SANDAL, a Symbol of Mercury, who, as the messenger of Jupiter was known for his speed and dexterity, expresses qualities fostered in both our academic and sports programs.


Why us

SBDHS recognizes that each student is a unique person destined to achieve his or her God-given potential. We  provide a family environment of caring and sharing. With a goal of fostering a community in which it is evident that a loving God lives among us. SBDHS strives to provide our students with programs designed to nurture the student in an atmosphere of faith. We aim to help develop mature Christians with a vision of hope, a sense of justice, and a commitment to the Church and the global community. 

SBDHS offers a variety of programs to help shape our students education.  SBDHS values high academic expectations that promote student achievements. Expecting outstanding quality in teaching and preparing exceptional graduates. 

Recent News

SBDHS Response Plan 2021-22

Sep 1, 2021

SBDHS Response Plan 2021-22

Working together to ensure safety. 

SBDHS Response Plan 2021-22



Event - General

Grade 9 Retreat (TBD)

October 18, 2021

Event - General

Grade 12 Retreat (TBD)

October 19, 2021

Event - General

Grade 11 Retreat (TBD)

October 20, 2021

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